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One Killed, Another Injured in New York Subway Accident

A few minutes after midnight on November 3, 2016, three MTA workers were walking on a southbound portion of the subway tracks near the Fort Hamilton Parkway station in Brooklyn. The three workers were tasked with setting up warning lights for other workers who were scheduled to perform maintenance in the tunnel later. Tragically, they were unknowingly on the tracks of an oncoming subway train, which was coming their way around a blind curve. Two of the workers tried to avoid the train by jumping into an alcove, which was unfortunately not large enough. One of the workers was killed by the oncoming train, while the other sustained serious injuries. The accident also includes the train operator, who reportedly suffered significant emotional trauma as the result of witnessing this tragedy.

In the past 10 years, three transit workers have been killed by trains in NYC. This incident is the first time a subway worker has been killed since 2013, but it nevertheless highlights the dangers that transit workers face on a daily basis. Both of the workers involved were longtime MTA employees. One started with the employer in 1999 and the other began in 2001. Authorities are still investigating the incident to determine why and how the events unfolded as they did. Answers to those questions, however, are unlikely to reverse all of the damage done.

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