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Physically and verbally abused teacher awarded $125,000

Teacher Kathy Perez of the Queens-based Catherine and Count Basie Middle School won a $125,000 city settlement for injuries caused by her unruly and violent students. The students repeatedly harassed Perez while administrators at her school did nothing to stop it.

Perez was trampled by a group of teenagers in one instance and was shoved to the floor by a girl in another, causing five herniated discs in her back, two in her neck, and a torn meniscus. Ambulance workers had to haul Perez out on a stretcher after both incidents. The middle school is known for having students with behavioral and low-achievement problems. Perez said her students also treated her with disrespect, often cursing and using vulgar language to address her. However, when she reported the incidents of abuse, her cries for help were not heeded. Perez claims, “Repeated pleas for help went unanswered.”

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