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Impaired driver hits cyclist in NYC

26-year-old Eduard Nikhman ran a red light, causing a major accident at the intersection of Avenue P and 12th St. When his silver Honda Accord went through the light, he hit an Infinity, who had a green light. The impact caused the vehicles to trap a cyclist that was crossing the intersection at the time of the accident. The cars and cyclist were stopped by two parked cars on the street.

Witnesses say Nikhman was speeding and ran another light before the accident occurred. He is currently facing multiple charges as police found he was on drugs at the time of the collision. Nikhman’s mother admitted to reporters that her son has had a drug problem for quite some time.

While the drivers of both vehicles involved were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, the cyclist was pronounced dead upon arrival. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family at this time.

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