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Carbon monoxide leak at New York mall causes one death, several hospitalizations

A carbon monoxide leak on Saturday, February 22 resulted in one fatality and the hospitalization of 26 Huntington Station shoppers.

Steven Nelson, 55, was found unconscious in the basement of Legal Sea Foods. Legal Sea Foods is one of the properties within the Huntington Station premises. He was transported to Huntington Hospital where he passed away.

As of Sunday, February 23, a sign was posted on the door of Legal Sea Foods, notifying people that the area is unsafe.

Huntington Station spokesman, A.J. Carter said the carbon monoxide poisoning could have been caused by a leak in the flue pipe of the restaurant’s water heater. Experts say that the presence of a carbon monoxide detector could have likely saved Nelson’s life.

The attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP, extend our condolences to those affected by this tragic accident.

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