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New York’s “Citi Bike” Bike-Share Program

By: Greg Hach

City officials encourage New Yorkers to use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. In May of 2013, NYC launched “Citi Bike” – the largest public bike sharing program in the United States. While the Citi Bike program provides many social, economic, and environmental benefits to our city, we must keep in mind the potential dangers the program has created. A large portion of Citi Bike users are tourists who have very little experience riding bikes on New York roadways. Their unfamiliarity with New York’s traffic patterns, rules of the road, and bicycle etiquette increases the risk of accidents for others on the road. Even experienced Citi Bike users face a heightened risk just by the fact that the Citi Bike program has placed over 4,000 more bicycles on the crowded streets of New York.

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