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Tunnel worker injuries and filing legal claims

Unfortunately, the men and women who work for Laborers’ Local 147, also known as the New York City Sandhogs, are all too often put in serious danger due in part to the nature of their job, but also largely because of the negligence of contractors and construction site owners. In fact, such negligence can cause these tunnel workers to sustain often severe and lasting injuries, for which they often deserve compensation.

New York Labor Law allows for injured tunnel workers to bring claims against these parties when they are at fault for the injuries the workers sustain. Examples of acts of negligence that warrant such legal claims include failure to provide adequate and necessary safety equipment, equipment that is not well-maintained or malfunctions, failing to provide proper supervision or training, violating safety regulations, and more.

Should a tunnel worker sustain injuries due to these or other acts of negligence, they may be able to file a legal claim. However, as many of these claims are typically filed against municipalities, taking legal action as quickly as possible is necessary. This is due to the requirement that a claimant must file a Notice of Claim no later than 90 days after the injury occurs.

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