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Hach & Rose Secures $275,000 Settlement for Man Hit by Bus

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, close to 11% of all car accidents involve a hit and run driver. Hach & Rose is committed to representing and defending victims in such accidents, and is pleased to have negotiated a $275,000 settlement on behalf of a plaintiff involved in a similar personal injury suit.

In this particular case, the plaintiff, a heavy equipment operator, was hit by a small bus while loading a flat bed truck. After the accident, the bus fled the scene. Fortunately, a fellow motorist that witnessed the accident followed the bus after it left. Eventually, the bus was stopped by the police.

The worker was immediately taken to the hospital. He sustained neck and back injuries, including herniated discs.

Hach & Rose is pleased with the settlement outcome, which will compensate the plaintiff for his past pain and suffering.

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