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Brooklyn judge fines insurance company employee on ethics violation during personal injury lawsuit

According to Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Leon Ruschelman, ACE America Insurance Company claims director Miriam Mosseri violated the “no contact” rule during settlement negotiations in April 2013, resulting in an ethics violation and fine. When finding herself alone with the plaintiffs in the courtroom, she divulged some details of the settlement offer ACE had in store for the plaintiffs, resulting in the $10,000 fine.

The American Bar Association has been known to inform insurance companies and their representatives that they aren’t permitted to “deal directly with any claimant represented by an attorney without the consent of the attorney.”

Ruschelman noted in his written opinion that Mosseri’s action “was done with a specific and definitive goal and purpose,” which was to influence the plaintiff’s decision regarding the case.

The personal injury lawsuit stemmed from a December 2008 incident in which a Duane Reade truck hit plaintiff Shirley Miller, causing her brain injuries and impaired communication skills.

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