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The Costs of Language Loss

Traumatic brain injuries can cause serious, life-altering damage to certain areas of the brain that are responsible for creating and understanding language. Losing the ability to properly communicate can be extremely devastating, not only in a person’s personal life, as they may find themselves unable to communicate with loved ones, but also in their professional life, as it may cause them to lose their current job or be unable to work at all. Sadly, these injuries often occur due to a negligent mistake, such as a dangerous safety error at work or an automotive accident.

If you or someone you love has developed a language disorder due to the negligence or recklessness of another, the person responsible may be held legally and financially responsible for these losses. For more information regarding your full range of legal options after sustaining such an injury, contact a New York City injury lawyer of Hach & Rose, LLP, today by calling (212) 779-0057.

The Financial Strains of Language Loss

The consequences of losing important language abilities can seriously disrupt a person’s life, both in terms of personal and professional aspirations. In particular, the following costs and treatments may be necessary, depending on what kind of disability a person develops as a result of their injuries:

  • Cognitive therapy to restore language creation abilities
  • Speech therapy to retrain the speech organs to work correctly
  • Use of medications that make the brain more receptive to therapy
  • Surgical intervention in particularly serious cases
  • Job and career changes if necessary
  • Inability to collect wages while recovering

Fortunately, compensation may be available to cover the full range of medical costs, from direct treatments to long-term rehabilitation, when another person caused the traumatic brain injury responsible for the loss of language.

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Language disorders, such as aphasia and dysgraphia, can make life very difficult for a person trying to recover and rehabilitate from a brain injury. However, there may be financial compensation available if these injuries were caused by someone else’s errors. This compensation can cover medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and even return lost wages. To learn more about how to pursue compensation after you’ve been harmed, contact a New York injury attorney of Hach & Rose, LLP, at (212) 779-0057 today.

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