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Medical Bills and a Personal Injury Lawsuit

An injury caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct may leave a person in need of considerable medical assistance, both for emergency care and long-term treatment. The medical bills for these treatments can quickly add up, becoming a staggering burden for the injured individual. Fortunately, however, a person who is injured in this manner may be able to take legal action to pursue compensation for these expenses, something which can be essential when facing mounting medical bills. As such, it’s important for anyone thinking about taking legal action to maintain good records of their medical expenses by keeping track of each of their bills.

Important Recordkeeping Habits for Personal Injury Claims

When a person files a claim, they’ll need to be able to show the court a pretty close estimate of how much money was spent on their medical care in order to be properly compensated. Proving this figure requires precise documentation, usually in the way of showing all medical bills. Thus, a prospective claimant should remember the following:

  • Any medical bills, regardless if paid by the claimant or their insurer, should be kept
  • Any bills related directly to medical care should also be kept
  • Any medical bills sent to the claimant should also be copied and directly sent to the claimant’s legal counsel
  • A full bill summary should also be provided to a claimant’s legal counsel

It’s important for a claimant’s attorneys to have a crystal-clear picture of how much money was spent on injury treatment and recovery. Additionally, a bill summary can help verify these figures, allowing a claimant to better argue for full compensation.

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