New Video FAQ: “Who Can File A Lawsuit Against A Nursing Home”

In a new Video FAQ, attorney John Blyth discusses nursing home abuse and who is eligible to file claims against an elder care provider. The New York City nursing home abuse lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP are here to help you if your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse at the hands of a nursing home employee or another party. Call us at (212)-779-0057 to take immediate action to protect your loved one.

New Video FAQ: Why are elderly people more susceptible to injuries?

In a new video, New York City personal injury attorney John Blyth of Hach & Rose, LLP discusses reasons why elderly people are at a higher risk of sustaining injuries.

Reduced strength and reflexes combined with weakened bones means that an older person is more likely to fall down, and at an increased risk of suffering a serious injury if they do.

When nursing homes fail to take these amplified dangers into account, their patients may be hurt in completely preventable accidents. If your loved one sustained an injury while in the care of a nursing home, call the nursing home negligence lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP at (212) 779-0057 to discuss the situation with an attorney.

For more information on this and other personal injury topics, visit our video FAQs page.

New Video FAQ: Who is responsible if I am a construction worker injured by a falling object?

In a new video FAQ, New York City construction accident attorney Tim Staines discusses the liability issues surrounding injuries that result from falling objects on constriction sites.

Tim Staines discusses the responsible party of a construction worker being hurt by a falling object. If you believe you are eligible for compensation, contact Hach & Rose, LLP by calling (212) 779-005…

If you’ve been hurt in a construction site accident, contact the New York construction injury lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP at (212) 779-0057 to learn more about the legal options available to you.

John Blyth interviewed about nursing home abuse on Today’s Verdict

New York City nursing home abuse attorney John Blyth of Hach & Rose, LLP was interviewed on Today’s Verdict, a BronxNet TV program, this week. Click below to watch the discussion.

To learn more about the consequences of nursing home abuse, visit our nursing home abuse page.

New Video FAQ: What is the Jones Act?

In a new video FAQ, New York City personal injury attorney Tim Staines discusses the Jones Act.

The Jones Act is a Federal law that protects people who work at sea. It allows workers on boats to sue their employers for negligence by the captain, owner, crew members, or dangerous conditions on the ship.

In order to have Jones Act protections, you must spend at least 30% of your time working on a vessel.

If you have suffered an injury while working on a ship at sea, you may be able to make a Jones Act claim. The New York City Jones Act attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP, can help you determine who is at fault. Call us at (212) 779-0057 to learn more about what we can do to assist you.

NYC court holds city liable for neglecting to implement ‘traffic calming measures’

A statement issued by the New York City-based non-profit organization Transportation Alternatives said, “The New York high court just ruled that the city can be held liable for failing to study and implement traffic calming measures, which the jury determined were a major contributing factor to the crash. In a 2004 incident, the driver was traveling at 54 miles per hour on Gerritsen Avenue, which had a speed limit of 30 mph.”

Experts testified during the trial that it was known among traffic engineers that straight, wide roads that lack pedestrian-friendly features encourage speeding because drivers feel more comfortable on roadways with those characteristics. New York’s highest court said “the design characteristics of a roadway influence driver speed, and that people generally drive faster on wide, straight roadways, regardless of the posted speed limit.

If you were hurt in a personal injury accident case in New York, our attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP can be counted on for legal help. Call our offices today at (212) 779-0057 to have your call answered promptly and receive an honest, straightforward assessment of your case.

Long Island Man Kills One in Car Accident After Attempting to Flee Police

Long Island man, William Billups, is being charged with second-degree manslaughter and other charges after his passenger died in a traffic accident while he was trying to escape police.

Roughly five minutes before the accident occurred, Billups was found speeding by police in Roosevelt. Police directed Billups to pull over for a routine traffic stop, but once both vehicles were off the road, Billups waited until the police officer exited his patrol car before speeding away. After about ten blocks, Billups ran a stop sign and collided with another vehicle, sending both cars into the front yard of a neighboring house. All three people from the two vehicles involved in the accident were hospitalized and Billup’s passenger passed away shortly thereafter.

William Billups is currently on parole and has been arrested over 20 times for various offenses including felony robbery.

At Hach Rose Attorneys at Law, our attorneys believe that negligent drivers must be held accountable for the damages they have caused. We are dedicated to helping our clients recover the highest possible compensation for their injuries. Contact us at (212) 779-0057 to speak with a member of our legal team today.

Must Know Info: Auto Accidents and Insurance Coverage

In a recent article posted on our Must Know Info page, attorney Michael Rose discusses the available means of compensation from insurance after a car accident.

In many cases, insurance companies try to pay out the minimum amount they can get away with when they are tapped by their insureds. However, a knowledgeable attorney will know how to find additional insurance coverage that the parties responsible for your accident may carry. This can greatly improve your prospects for getting the compensation you need.

You can read the article by clicking here.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the New York car accident lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP, can help you recover damages from the party that hurt you. Call (212) 779-0057 to speak with an attorney about your options.

New Video FAQ: Why can hip fractures have such dire consequences?

The New York City personal injury lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP have released a new video FAQ detailing the reasons that hip fractures, especially in the elderly, can have such severe consequences.

Hip fractures, most commonly in older individuals, can create a situation where the injured person will not be able to take care of themselves like they did before the injury. These falls can lead to permanent disabilities. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you or someone you love has fallen and fractured a hip, the New York City personal injury lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP may be able to help you seek compensation for the injury. Call us at (212) 779-0057 to learn more.

New York police give out over 33,000 tickets in DWI crackdown

Police in the state of New York issued over 33,000 tickets during a two-week holiday crackdown in a bid to penalize drunken and impaired motorists.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo informed the public on Thursday, January 5 that the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” program, which was in full effect between December 16, 2016 and January 1, 2017, was a successful deterrent of traffic-related accidents due to impaired driving. New York police troopers took into custody 571 individuals for driving while intoxicated charges and looked into around 644 personal injury accident cases.

To put it into context, police officers were able to issue 11,000 tickets for speeding, over 1,000 tickets for distracted driving, and 421 tickets for violations against the “move over” law regarding emergency vehicles.

Our attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP provide quality legal representation for our clients in New York and handle personal injury accident cases, including car accidents. Call our offices today at (212) 779-0057 so you can understand your legal rights and options.

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